Monday, July 13, 2009

The Other Cheney

It's really fun to sneak up on a liberal and say "Cheney! Cheney! Cheney!" real them start writhing and yelling "I'm melting!"

Anyhoo - there is some fantastic intellectual firepower in that clan. Here's Liz Cheney's latest piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Obama's method for pushing reset around the world is becoming clearer with each foreign trip. He proclaims moral equivalence between the U.S. and our adversaries, he readily accepts a false historical narrative, and he refuses to stand up against anti-American lies.
Couldn't agree more - this notion so comically stated by Hillary Clinton early in their reign, err, term, implies that ALL that had gone on before was OUR fault and we're Baaaad. I for one and sick of it. Looking at the poll numbers, I bet I'm not alone:

Worth the read.

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