Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A little screen grab from a frightening presentation over at TIP strategies - this is not "Global Thermonuclear War," it's a map of job losses. They have an animated version of this over there...very scary. Watch the last six months...ooh boy has that stimulus worked! JK.


Anonymous said...

cool graphics. is your contention that we need still more spending to get the job market moving again? or are you just trying to be snide without much success?

Rumbler said...

The job market will get moving again when the uncertainty caused by Federal intervention starts to recede. The stimulus spending has gone primarily to state unemployment programs and government boondoggles...not job creation. The government doesn't create long term jobs - only industry does.

Anonymous said...

The government has NEVER been the engine of our economy. Spending from the federal government (even endless spending) indeed will NOT get the economy moving--and if cap and trade and the health care takeover are enacted, nothing will. The PRIVATE SECTOR that creates jobs will be crushed or leave our borders.

There is a reason that the USA has been the strong beacon it has been in the past--because people have been free to make the most of their potential--equality of OPPORTUNITY, NOT government-mandated equality of OUTCOME. This is changing before our eyes.

The political ruling class in Washington is NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING THIS ECONOMY BACK ON TRACK; they are interested in getting control of enough of everyone's lives that they can cement themselves into permanent power. If they can get more than 50% of their constituents dependent on government handouts, these "servants of the public"(haha) assume they will never get voted out. That is all these "stimulus" and "reform" measures are created to do. Any member of Congress who supports these bills is someone who is willing to trade the American free enterprise system for basic socialism as long as it means they are the ones in charge.

And please NOTE: as all the "private options" for health care bite the dust over the next few years because those plans cannot compete against the government plan that can run endlessly in the red (and print money), you can be SURE that the members of Congress will continue to have their very comprehensive plan that they enjoy now. THEY will not faced rationed care or inability to get in to see the doctors of their choice.

Instead of helping those who need help by raising their standard of life up to the American average, Washington is trying to enact changes that will destroy what we have and bring everyone (except them) down to the least common denominator--then everyone can be equal in their misery with all opportunity for personal improvement blocked by the all-knowing government.

This country will devolve into the system of have and have-nots that we saw for decades running the USSR. The only pathway left to getting ahead will be to become one of the political ruling class with its systematized corruption. The way Washington runs, we are already more than halfway there.

The voters need to take their blinders off and take this country back.