Saturday, July 11, 2009

Losing to Europe?

Larry Kudlow has a good piece over at Townhall about the "demoralization of the American economy." Here's a snippet:

But what’s particularly galling about Obamanomics is that we may well be losing our competitive edge with Europe. While Europe is ever so slightly moving toward Reagan and Thatcher, the U.S. is shifting toward an overtaxed and overregulated model that smacks of François Mitterrand.

Yes, even as Europe awakens from their socialist drunkfest, the Obamanomics gang is passing 'round the shooters for us over here. Cap and trade? Bottoms up! Socialized medicine? Cheers!

We are implementing many of the same stimulus policies that turned the Japanese economic juggernaut into the sick man of Asia for over a decade. It is demoralizing and it saps our energy and creativity. Heard a stat on the radio that said that documented unemployment is pushing 10%, but REAL unemployment, which includes people that have just given up is closer to 16%. This has to be stopped...someone take away the insanity pills that are obviously being passed out in "liberal" doses up on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

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