Thursday, July 23, 2009


Anonymous said...

Well, let's answer that. The F22- The Pentagon, the SecDef, and the CinC all think it is a worthless chunk-of-(stuff) boondoggle. But I guess you are way better informed than the Joint Chiefs. Of course. The F22 has never fired a shot in anger. And since as I understand it, time only goes one way and the cold war is not coming back... Yeah, im trusting the country's military infrastructure over you and the gop talking heads.

Cap-and-trade has a gigantic downstream positive benefit in terms of the health and well being of the planet andf the people; it is also an elegant solution to a generally intractible problem. Short-term costs, long-term benefits.

Healthcare will cost (far less than the # in the cartoon, but that is neither here nor there) $ upfront and will recoup the money downstream in the form of an overall population is better health.

Lookee here; another of those situations where those who can see a downstream future 'get it' and are in favor, and those who lack the intellect, vision, or ability to comprehend the fact that sometimes it takes more than 40 seconds for things to display a benefit... watch FauxNews and are against it. Do you ever get sick of proving the liberal point about the tunnel vision and lack of processing power displayed by the right?

Rumbler said...

I guess they don't teach humor and irony in the schools anymore. The cartoon was poking fun at the wild claims of the BHO Admin crowing about how they "saved $350 million!!!!!" all the while they are putting our children in hock for $4 TRILLION plus.

I have problems with the F-22 as well, but I am sure not for the same reasons you do - you have no knowledge whatsoever of military matters.

Cap and trade is a joke - even the Europeans are trying to get out from under the nonsense. The only winners are your evil enemies, Goldman Sachs, who have the corner on the carbon credits market.

And if you believe the numbers coming out of the O Admin about the costs of health care, we need to get together - I have some great land down in Florida I need to unload.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly the problem. it does not make sense as a joke, when the healthcare reform will actually save money TOO. it wont save money tomorrow, but it will in a decade or 2... and of course that is exactly time generation-from-now time period that all the loonies on the right are complaining about on TV these days. "won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!"... well, yeah... we are. and spending $ now to prevent/ameliorate the downstream effect of all the bomers getting feeble and infirm... see how it isnt so much a joke, as it is an example of 'conservatives' being bad at math?

"you have no knowledge whatsoever of military matters" ...I see. Reading, thinking, listening to those with knowledge... that is how people learn about ANYTHING. i vbelieve that since I clearly have read, consumed, and processed more than you have... hmmm... let's draw a conclusion here...

Rumbler said...

A government program that saves money! On what track record do you put such faith? Your blind following of whatever drips from the lips of "the One" has given you a touch of fever!

I'm glad you've read some things about the military.
I'm sure you are ready to be a General now.