Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Back...Let Me Vent

So the headline on Drudge a few minutes ago was : "ROMNEY: PALESTINIANS HAVE NO INTEREST IN PEACE."  It's another one of his "off the cuff" remarks from a fundraising dinner that someone filmed with a cell phone camera.  It follows closely on the heels (from the same tape) of the other remark that the Leftards are hyper-ventilating about - that 47% of Americans view themselves as victims.  More on that anon, but let's deal with this first headline.  Take a look at this picture:

There is no other way you can describe this other than "SICK."  This little mugwump is being trained by his parents to grow up and scale embassy walls in the name of Allah - or better yet - enter a crowded cafe and splatter himself all over the walls taking out a few people that don't believe in this twisted "religion."  

So explain to me what the hell we are apologizing for?  Some idiot posts a You Tube video that is dumber than the worst possible Japanese sci-fi film from the 1950's and we (our government) has to say "we're sorry, please don't hurt us?"  Is that what the foreign policy of O has brought us to?  Worse, our standing has decayed to the point that we have become the Rodney Dangerfield of super powers - we don't get no respect.  

But really folks...are you buying into the notion that a big bad video tape turned all these people into rabid America haters?  If you are, let's talk - I have some real estate I would like to discuss with you.  A simple review of the facts:

a. These people hated us long before the video tape came out - they hate everyone - they even hate their own kids...see photo above.
b. What day was last Tuesday?  Hmm..September the Eleventh...9/11.  Something else happened on that day a few years back - remember this:

I realize that these are Palestinians - not Egyptians or Libyans - but what do they have in common?  A love for people that hate the United States.  The big chant at the protest in Cairo was "Obama, we are all Osamas now." That saying has spread across the Muslim world - visually depicted at a protest in Kashmir:

Golda Meir had it right so many years ago: Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us. And Mitt Romney has it absolutely right when he says that the Palestinians have no interest in peace.  They want to bully their way into an independent state that would push Israel into the Mediterranean.  AND Obama has it dead wrong.  We are seeing the fruits of appeasement - who was that preacher that said "America's chickens were coming home to roost?"  Take a look at this chart and see how many of Obama's chickens you can count:

This is Pew Research's latest study.  Note that even under the dreaded, evil, torturing Boosh, the Muslims liked us more than they do under the apologizing America bashing Bamster...he's lost us 10 points of favorability in three years.  At this pace, if he's reelected, we'll actually be negative in four more years.

Now the press can try to spin this any way they like...and they will, but this fracas was not caused by a stupid movie trailer.  It was caused by two things.  First, the ongoing, seething rage against the United States fomented by Islamist governments who blame our success as the cause of their misery.  Second, despite all of Obama's bowing and shuffling to Islam and the tyrants of the Middle East, what is the ONE accomplishment he takes credit for repeatedly on the campaign trail? "I killed Osama bin Laden."  He takes credit for GM too though that's a funny one considering the US taxpayers are going to lose some $25 billion on that "investment." These people idolize bin Laden because he took on the Great Satan and punished us by dropping the Twin Towers...and Obama runs around bragging about snuffing him out and we are supposed to believe there is no connection.

Here's the irony: if Obama had continued to show strength and steadiness towards the tinpots of the Middle East, they would have tolerated the Osama football spiking a lot better - they might not have liked it, but they would realize that there are unpleasant consequences to taking on the United States.  That fear has evaporated.

Now the other hack job the media is trying to do on Romney is the vituperative repetition that Romney hates poor people - most demonstrably shown by the "shocking" videotape wherein Mitt says of the 47% who don't pay income taxes: "My job is not to worry about those people."  OMG!!! Hyperventilate!!! What an awful person!!!  Unwad your panties liberals and try - just try- to think.  What he was saying was that vote is gone - he can't worry about them because they are addicted to the government tit.  Again...HE's RIGHT.  Take a stroll through the charts on this Business Insider piece and you will realize that dependency is a growth business under the Obama regime.  This is the fundamental difference between these two parties in this election: a culture of dependence ("We all belong to the government" - DNC Convention video) or a culture of independence ("We own it" - Clint Eastwood referring to the gov'ment at GOP Convention).

As of this writing, Romney has not backed away from either of these comments...and I pray he does not.  The path of independence with dignity in work is one that will lead this country back to fiscal health and ultimately to the respect we have frittered away.  Obama's campaign slogan may be "Forward"  - Romney's response should be "Freedom."