Friday, July 24, 2009

$8.5 BB to ACORN - Thanks Donks!

Gateway Pundit has an infuriating piece on how the Democrats have funneled $8.5 BILLION to ACORN this year alone. I have posted a number of times on this blog about ACORN's outrages. This is simply disgusting. Not surprising, but disgusting.


Anonymous said...

are there really people left out there that think acorn is evil/terrorist/magic/isane/stalisist/whatever? i kinda thought that (like the 'birthers' and other 'morons') they had finally realized that they were just spouting nonsense and decided they would all take up crosswords instead of wasting their waning sanity on demonstrably incorrect statements. Guess I was wrong. Good to know the crazies are still there in the woodwork... in case people forgot WHY they should never vote for the GOP again.

Rumbler said...

Wow, Anonymous doesnt' get out much - some small ACORN facts -as posted in Investor's Business Daily (a real fringe group!):

Acorn's improprieties, of course, are not news. As Issa's report notes, a third of the 1.3 million voter registration cards the organization solicited and presented in 2008 ended up being null and void; the group has been investigated for voter registration fraud in places such as Connecticut, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio.
A decade ago, an Acorn operative in Arkansas was arrested for falsification of voter registration forms. Soon after that, Philadelphia officials discovered hundreds of Acorn's falsified registration forms. In 2007, the state of Washington filed felony charges against several Acorn employees and supervisors for submitting more than 1,700 fraudulent voter cards.
Just last fall, federal agents raided Acorn's Nevada offices and in May of this year Nevada officials charged the organization and its state personnel with voter fraud. That was soon followed by seven Acorn officials in Pittsburgh being charged with voter fraud. Acorn has been accused of presenting at least 2,100 fraudulent registration forms in Lake County, Ind.
Superimposed upon these offenses are the alleged embezzlement practices of Dale Rathke, brother of the organization's founder, Wade Rathke, who apparently used a financial management company to "loan" himself over $948,600 in Acorn funds.