Wednesday, July 15, 2009

House Democrats Launch Healthcare Initiative!

With Nancy Pelosi at the wheel, House Democrats proudly unveiled their "lifeboat for the American people," the Healthcare Reform Act of 2009. "We are determined to get this boat in the water," House Majority Leader, Stenny Hoyer said. "Yeah, we had a hard time finding the water, but now that we have, it's time to set to sea!" Hoyer said, adding "I feel so nautical today, I think we should all talk like pirates, aaargghh!"

After swimming ashore from the truck, Nancy Pelosi giggling and clapping said, "I want to talk like a pirate too! Aaargh, hand over all your gold, aargh!" "Captain Obama has ordered us to "chart a new course," Pelosi said, "we are running into uncharted waters at full speed! Aye, aye Captain!"

Puzzled at how to actually launch the small craft, Hoyer and Pelosi were last seen dancing round the stern singing "Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun! "

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