Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad Idea!

What is with O and the Donks? They keep bringing legislation to the floor that has failed dismally in every country it's been've heard all about the failures of socialized medicine. Here's some gouge on "cap and trade." Pull up a chair and learn you sumpin' this is another dagger poised at the heart of the American economy. You really have to ask yourself "why?" These are smart people...what on earth is the objective? Why pass laws that will obviously wreck an already wobbly economy? Most of all, what's the friggin' hurry? My guess is they know EXACTLY what they are doing. This is the most liberal, kook fringe bunch of socialists ever to control the levers of power in Washington - they didn't get there by being honest. They will not achieve their objective by being honest either...OK, here's the link to the video: CLICK HERE!

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