Monday, July 27, 2009

-11, but back up to -10

Looks like that hopey-change thing is starting to wear off. American Thinker has a great column with the Obama performance numbers - reality sucks!


Anonymous said...

(i would again contend that "reality has a well-known liberal bias" and that poll numbers like these reflect nothing more than the trusm "people aren't getting any smarter". those people for whom 'being informed' involves 30 minutes of fox news... it is hardly shocking that they don't understand enough about what is going on to be informed about it. but find me someoned who reads extensively, understands fiscal policy, and is aware of just how fast it could all go bad as the boomers retire and there are fewer and fewer actively working people to support them... and I'll show you someone who is all about healthcare reform.

whining about every little thing and 'hoping for failure' is a great message to send the sheep, huh? it seems to be working for the moment (but try running palin in 2012 and the GOP will see how far left america still is, eh? intellect and erudition are still valuable commodities to some of us...)

Rumbler said...

Ahh, the humility and grace of the left on full display.

Anonymous said...

has nothing to do with the 'left' - i value only intellectual effort. whining and trying to create failure is hardly constructive. if the right would get back to real fiscal conservatism and dump the social-conservative nonsense (and especially dump the spokes-monkeys like palin) there would be an instantaneous reversal of GOP fortunes. but as long as they pander to what is, when we are honest, by far the least-informed subset of american society... well, there is just no way the GOP gains anything in teh future. Whigs rule!

Rumbler said...

It's advice like yours that got us John McCain instead of a true conservative. Anytime the R's try to move to the center to placate the "moderates," they get creamed. Speak with confidence about the benefits of true conservative policies and they win time and again.

That was why Sarah Palin had to be destroyed by the media. She was the threat they couldn't tolerate...didn't need the prompter to tell people the truth. Sure, marginalize her because you are so much smarter than she is - she has more executive experience than your O, the benevolent one.