Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Feed

There's been some fun defining of liberals in the past few days...Missouri Congressman Todd Akin stated bluntly that "at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God..."  Which of course led to howls from HuffPo and other organs of the left for him to apologize!!  How dare he!  I would assert that liberals are, by nature, bullies.  They can't win arguments with the facts, so they resort to intimidation and innuendo.  One popular meme is that you don't "care" enough if you don't like your taxes being raised - quickly followed up with images of starving children or old people being chucked off a cliff in a wheelchair.  Fortunately, there is a growing chorus of conservatives who arent' going to take it any more.  At the speartip of this movement is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who had the following exchange:

We are in the same boat here - we pay property taxes in Davidson County, but choose to send them to private schools instead - shudder, religious ones at that!  But the reality is that the bulk of our County schools are moribund brainwash tanks who encourage their graduates to attend leaky liberal colleges and major in "women's studies" and "africana."

Here's another Governor speaking out with the truth -Bob McDonnell from Virginia laying out the case that the Republican governors are doing the heavy lifting.  This effort will add credence to the Presidential and other conservative candidates come next November.

Can I say "Elephant in the Room" when referring to the spendthrift addiction of our political class?  Our boy President goes on the air today to chastise us, the American people, for not giving enough to government.  There's some logic for you - the problem that got us where we are today was government spending.  The solution?  Take more away from the people so the spending can continue.  The sad reality is that there is spending that needs to occur in this country - a lot of which was supposed to come from the "stimulus" and "TARP."  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the state of our infrastructure in the United States earns us a "D," with $2.2 Trillion needed just to get us up to an acceptable standard.  The problem is that the functions that government is supposed to be involved in per the Constitution like defense and infrastructure, get crowded out with "feel good" programs that should be handled by the states, local municipalities and civic organizations and churches.  The indisputable chain of logic goes like this:

1. Compassion leads to...
2. Funding leads to...
3. Dependence which leads to...
4. Power over the dependent which leads to...
5. More funding, expanded benefits and greater dependence which leads to...
6. Greater power, less freedom, provider making decisions for the dependent...
7. The non-dependent give up more and more of what they earn to provide for the dependent BUT
8. It is never enough.  The powerful take what they need or are finally removed from office.

We are at Step 8 in the process right now.  Eudora Welty said it succinctly: "Compassion leads to the gas chamber."

The Urban Dictionary defines "Barack Obama" as a "Chocolate Jimmy Carter."  But Michael Barone asserts that this is not Jimmy Carter.  He compares him to Chauncey Gardner, the brilliantly portrayed Presidential advisor in "Being There."  (RIP Peter Sellers)  Barone may be on to something:

You can project what you want to hear onto Chauncey's sayings...sound familiar?

That's it for today.

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