Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Among the many urban myths we have worked hard to debunk is the one that says China will eat our duck...they are the new superpower, we need to figure out how to accept our second place status etc. etc.  Unfortunately, some of the biggest proponents of this wrong strain of thought are in high places in the current administration.  Facts are troubling things though, and along comes a census - this dings not only China, but India too: China and India's Demographics Getting In The Way Of Growth.  The report is interesting, but only peripheral.  There are numerous demographic and sociological troubles with the Middle Kingdom - coast versus interior, Han versus everybody else, growing Muslim problem in Western China and on and on.  The real question is whether they'll go Maoist on us and implode into a super-dense dark star or (scary scenario) decide that the only way out is to start an old fashioned war.  Given the odds and their history, I'm betting on the first option.

Hey kids, dress groovy like me!

Obamacare is in court again - this time int the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, where once again, our robed scions will peer into the bowels of our Constitution to try to find where it says Congress can make the citizens of this country purchase anything.  We know it's legally flawed - here's a short analysis on it's economic faults: ObamaCare's Economic Flaws.

News of the Obvious: So, the government says they'll pay for healthcare if an employer doesn't provide that benefit...what do you THINK might happen?  "Huge Number of Businesses to Drop Health Insurance."

History lesson: "A Short History of Political Suicide."  And we let these people tell us what our healthcare should be, what kind of light bulb we should use, what kind of toilet we can install...

Finally, some answers from the mainstream media - about time they figured this out:

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