Monday, June 27, 2011

Good Feed (Special Edition)

I apologize for not giving you a meaty Friday Feed Bag.  The duties of fatherhood had me on a round trip to Atlanta this Friday last.  Over the next two weeks, we will be on the road as well.  We will be heading up through the "Breadbasket of the Confederacy"  (the Shenandoah Valley) to points close to New York.  We shall be returning via our old haunts in D.C.  I encourage you to subscribe to the Twitter feed - a new feature here on the Rumbler Report, from where I am able with a few thumb-strokes to provide thoughts and links to the events of the day.  A poor substitute for the Feed, but perhaps some gruel to see you through these next couple of weeks.

Let's start off with a review of the Law of Unintended (but to be expected) Consequences.  As we discussed last week, our boy President has decided upon the Goldilocks solution in Afghanistan.  As the Wall Street Journal points out, this has led all the other "allies" to re-evaluate their positions: "The Crush at the Afghan Exits."  Wherein France, Poland, and the British are bugging out.  Reminds one of that scene from Monty Python's "Holy Grail:"

In a telling piece, "Planned Parenthood Takes On The States," we learn of the efforts of the Obama administration to keep the lifeline of funding up to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.  They are doing it the old fashioned liberal way: in the courts.  If you can't win in the realm of public opinion, SUE. One of the tremendous upshots of the election last November is that the citizens of the various states (all 57 of 'em, Barry!) have begun taking their governments back.  We are seeing main stream American thought at the state capitols - exactly the way our Republic was supposed to work.  The wise old gnomes in Washington will have none of that though - see you in Court.  The reality is that there is no rational, nor moral reason for the taxpayers of the United States to prop up this vile institution.

Hot button item with me as I prepare to stroke the checks for the next round of college tuition and fees for middle Rumblespawn, is the incredible appreciation of tuition costs.  I find it intriguing that liberals in our government go ga-ga over increases in gasoline prices with shouts of "gouging" and angry shaking of pitchforks and policy, but remain mum over college costs.  Mind you - I WANT them to remain mum - their involvement could only make a bad thing worse.  Creepy thing is the Feds have taken over all the student loan programs now... will they tell us what to study next?

More to the point, however, is the question of whether everyone in fact needs a college degree.  I question the utility of a BA from NoName U when, in fact, it is little more than a glorified high school diploma from NoName HS where the faculty was too afraid to flunk or discipline students.  I would be very much in favor of a system of trade schools that focused intensively on life skills that would ensure gainful employment.  Some authors across the pond are re-examining the role of colleges in their economies and offer some instructive insights in "Hollowing Out The Ivory Tower."

It has been said that the veneer of civilization can be frighteningly thin.  OK, I added the "frighteningly" part, but witnessing the mob behavior from Peoria ("Kill All The White People") to Philadelphia ("Editor Attacked by Mob") to Chicago ("Chicago's Violent Flash Mobs") leaves one feeling a little uneasy.  The premise of Anne Coulter's new book "Demonic," is that liberals work in mobs to achieve their aims, an assertion that is hard to refute.  Is it possible, however, that we are missing the point?  That what is really at work here is tribalism; that as civilization decays, we fall back into tribal units?   An excellent review of the book by Robin Fox, "The Tribal Imagination: Civilization and the Savage Mind," summarizes that point.

Well at least Obama finally has a financial plan for the future of our nation:

Obama Befriends Rich Elderly Widow In Hopes She'll Put Nation In Her Will

That's all for now.

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