Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Rumblewife posed an intriguing question last night: "What about a Perry/Rubio ticket?"  Upon reflection, I think it might be a real powerhouse option.  You get the executive experience of a successful governor coupled with the conservative ideology and wonderful personal story of the Senator from Florida.  Browsing the Wall Street Journal this morning, I see that Mr. Henninger is pondering similar lines - at least about the potential top of the ticket:  "Rick Perry Ready For Prime Time?"

Of course I would be happy with any of the candidates over the current administration.  Grumbling from the left suggest that the incumbent has the edge - I tend to think that if unemployment - even as it is falsely reported by the government - stays above 9%, the Republicans could run Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite and have a better than even chance of winning.
"Napoleon, you know we can't afford the fun pack!"
Jon Stewart may lean hard left, but he still has some of the funniest gags going on the air.  Last night he skewered Obama for his performance in Puerto Rico:

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There is a fine line between politicking and patronizing.  If you don't speak the language, don't parrot the locals is a good rule of thumb.  They will appreciate a phrase or two in the native tongue, but this obviously crosses the line.  Interesting point about Florida though...good reason to get Rubio on the ticket!

Oh, and how did the Puerto Ricans greet Mr. O?  Well in a way that Hugo Chavez would love:

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place.  I spent some time there in my Navy days and have several dear Puerto Rican friends...but if they want out, there's one place we could cut and be done.  I suspect that they do not, because right now, the benefits from the mainland are too great.  But I actually agree with Obama on this one - put it to a vote.  With little to no indigenous industry outside of rum and tourism, it wouldn't stand very long on it's own if it followed the model of so many other island kleptocracies.  But we should not stand in the way.

Finishing up an extraordinary treatise: "This Time It's Different."  The book is a data/statistics heavy book looking back over 800 years of information on government defaults, liquidity crises, uber-inflation and the like.

We so often look at fairly narrow time windows when trying to understand events - especially economic data sets.  As the authors point out it's analogous to "having a one in four chance of seeing a hundred year flood in a twenty five year period."

It's worth the read - click on the link above or the book-jacket at right to get yourself a copy!

No big surprise - Anthony Weiner has resigned.  My guess is the cross-dressing pix were the final straw.  It's one thing to run around and chase skirt - even in a kinky weird tweety way.  Heck, if you are a Democrat you revel in characters like that:  "that ol' Bill Clinton, you couldn't keep that dog on the porch! Yuck, yuck, yuck. "  But when you show up oiled like a English Channel swimmer wearing a brasier and tights...OK, now we are into the downright weird.  True, a vast chunk of the left's coalition would actually find that appealing, but they have to continue to con enough people in the middle to stay competitive.  He had to go.

That's it for now.

Rumble on!

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