Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Feed Bag

OK, it's hot outside thanks to La Nina, but this little bit of video really got me steamed:

If this doesn't show the selfishness,  crassness and outright thuggery of the unions, I can't imagine what would.  It also shows a level of desperation which is a hint that Walker's policies are working.

As you're driving past the orange barrels this summer you might want to have a look behind the scenes - here's the story from James Bovard who worked for the Virginia DOT: "My Summer Job To Perdition."
I can tell you that I worked two summers for a grocery distribution company in Northwest Florida.  We unloaded boxcars in 105+ heat and there weren't many breaks...private versus government contrast and compare.  In Bovard's story, there was no incentive to move faster; in mine, it was called unemployment.

My own horror story, and I am sure each of you has one, was on I-75 in Georgia where it took us four-and-a-half hours to get over a bridge.  As we finally reached the "construction," there were fourteen guys standing around - one had a shovel - the others were...watching.  But the orange barrels had constricted the four lanes to one.  Madness!

Two perspectives on energy policy that are worth a look.  The first is a piece in the Investor's Business Daily: U.S. Goes On An Energy Starvation Diet.  Coal? Got it.  Natural Gas? Got it. Oil? Millions of Barrels.  But we are not allowed to touch it thank to our own Government.  Guess that price of electricity will skyrocket, eh Mr. O?  The second is a piece noting the monster find Exxon made a couple of days ago in the Gulf, "A Gulf Drilling Revival,"  which points out that the PRIVATE sector in natural gas and oil is the one making all the advances for energy independence.  The PUBLICLY subsidized sources of wind, solar, ethonol et al are doing butkus for us.  Please, Mr. Government, just get out of the way!

Read a review in the American Spectator yesterday about this one and downloaded it to my Kindle app for Mac and Blackberry:

Click here to buy the book.

The article "Fanniegate: Gamechanger for the GOP?" implies that the information in this book will destroy the Democrat party.  Probably wishful thinking, but if people like Barney Frank, are finally brought to heel, it will be a good thing.

That's it.

Have a great weekend.

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