Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Feed

I keep hearing folks on the Left comparing Obama with Reagan.  "Why, he has the same communications skills," they gush.  And "he is sooo Presidential!" they swoon.  How about we look at the facts?  Peter Ferrara over at Forbes Magazine has done just that:  "Reagonomics versus Obamanomics" - it is a chilling indictment of the predicament we find ourselves in.  But there's more - let's compare the "stature thing" and contrast:

Let's say you are Mr. Foreign Leader Tyrant...which of these two are you going to want to deal with?

"I'm a scorpion, what did you expect, I'd kiss you?"  An allegory inside a well crafted assessment of the northern border of Israel: "The Frog And The Scorpion."  Israel's situation with Hezbollah reminds of Jefferson's observation about the Constitutional problem with slavery: "it's like holding a wolf by the ears - you don't like it much, but you dare not let him go."

"Anagnorisis" - this is the term in Greek tragedy where a character makes a startling discovery about himself.  We are seeing that played out on the streets of Athens right now:

Apparently, the anagnorisis they have discovered is that they like being on the government teat and, thank you, will fight to not be taken off.  The Greek government's austerity measures - to save the country- are throwing a lot of people off the government gravy train and they are fighting back.  These folks would rather tear the whole thing down than sacrifice for their children and grandchildren.  Can you say "Madison," anyone?

State House in Madison, WI taken over by Union thugs.

Here's the bad news: "Greek Contagion Spreading Fast."  Portugal and Spain and Ireland, oh my!

Market is heading south again...Weiner has yet to resign even as images of him cross-dressing emerge...

At least it has cooled off outside.

That's it for now.

Rumble on!

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