Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Feed

Tony Blankley's perspective on how the situation in Europe could affect the electorate here is an interesting angle: Reality is Catching Up To The World's Elites.

Come on out of the bubble!  David Mamet, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright did - abandoning the cult of brain dead liberalism: David Mamet's Coming Out Party.

 Not everyone wants a photo-op with BHO - especially iconic leaders of countries that our boy president has abandoned:  Walesa Stands Up.

Michael Ramirez captures the essence of the problem in Washington today: if you put forth a legitimate policy for discussion - say, Paul Ryan's proposed fix for Medicare, you are Demo-gogued:

Speaking of Demo-goguing, how about that knee-slapper of a speech Barry O gave last week in El Paso, Texas?  Victor Davis Hanson has some of the best gags from that wind up: Alligators, Moats and Other Such Nonsense.

Regardless of where you stand on Sarah Palin, she is a master as tweaking the loons on the left.  Here MSNBC's Martin Bashir says that she is "violating Federal Code" for having a flag logo on the bus:

Then there's this delight from wingnut James Howard Kunstler, wherein he reveals that Sarah Palin is...wait for it...Hitler!  Memorial Day: Enter Hitler Release 2.0  Apparently wearing leather on a motorcycle and hanging around military folks makes you the next Sturmfuhrer.

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Rumble on.

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