Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Feed

Ben Bernanke really should dust this one off and have it played in movie theaters...how about some good old Democratic propaganda circa 1933 - this one is titled "Inflation," wherein we learn that if we flood the system with paper currency, the cost of living will go up, the purchasing power of the dollar will go down and (of course) employers will pay employees more to make all the pretty graphs match:

Hat tip VV over at Casey Research.  Shame they hadn't thought up such cute sayings like "TARP" and "QEII."  I have never been one of those that believed our government would intentionally lie to us, but when you see stuff like this it makes you wonder.  What will the efforts they are putting out now via all the Obama websites and organs of the Democrat party look like in 78 years?

It is fun to watch this stuff - Keynesianism was in full flower.  JMK married a Russian ballerina and everyone gushed: "Never was there a marriage of such beauty and brains as that of Ludovica and John Maynard Keynes."  Oh, did I mention that he was a big proponent of eugenics?  Yup, that same brilliant liberal intellectual (aren't they all intellectuals - smarter than us regular schlubs?) was a big proponent - head of the British Eugenics Society - of eugenics!  That's right folks, that wonderful social philosophy the Nazis were so in favor of, the "self directed evolution of the human species."

So, if inflation is good, then more of it should be better - right?  Oops - apparently inflation in China isn't going to help matters:  "U.S. Faces Costlier Chinese Goods."No worries - I am sure those slave laborers will just increase the "salaries" so their folks can get those curves to meet.  Over here?  Guess Ben will have to print more money.

Of course one of the great stumbling blocks of the Keynesian inflation theory is depicted graphically here:

Why that would be the state unemployment map provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for May - 27 down, 22 flat or slightly up, 1 unchanged.  Sooo, if employers can't hire, what happens to that fancy theory, Mr. Keynes?  Mr. Keynes? ...crickets.

I'm in such a cheery mood - how about we wrap up today's reading with a fine piece from The American Thinker:  "Twenty Nine Reasons to Be Angry or Scared."  I might add one or two items to this list, but it's a darn good start.

That's it for today.

Rumble on.

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