Monday, June 20, 2011

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Let's start the week off on a high note - how about a quick walk down nostalgia lane:

Sigh.  We just don't have politicians that can joke like that anymore. Speaking of which,  received a delightful e-mail this morning decrying how the quality of insulting people has gone down the tubes.  A couple of examples from the good old days:

“I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” –
Mark Twain 
“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.” –
Oscar Wilde 
“I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play. Bring a friend… if you have one.” –
George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill
“Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second… if there is one.” –
Winston Churchill, in response
As I have said before on these pages, I am not overly worried about the Chinese "threat."  We do need to keep our eye on them, like we need to keep our eye on the Soviets, err Russians, the NORKS, the Pakistanis, the Saudis...well just about everyone. A little tidbit of Chinese news was a piece I read over the weekend was about how the Chinese are buying up U.S. assets: "The Chinese Government Is Buying Up U.S.  Economic Assets."  The author is a little over the top, but certainly raises concerns if the assets being bought up are strategic in nature.  I have no problem with foreign investment in U.S. real estate - it gets capital back into our system and remember - they can't take it anywhere!  Remember the hysteria over the Japanese buying Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center?  They lost their shirts.

Now one thing we had better be watching is those darned Christian terrorists - any day now they could take down our government:

Yup - the people who rule this country are that bright.

Say, following up on that story we reported on Friday about the lack of "Muslim" as an identifying characteristic of the foiled Pentagon bomb plot.  Our good old "Pravda on the Cumberland" aka "The Tennessean," said he was a "misguided young immigrant."  As we say down South: "How nice!"   None of the MSM noted his religion.  Guaran-damned-tee you though if he had been a "Christian" it would have been headline news.

More from the "Emperor has no clothes" department: "UN Climate Propaganda Exposed."  Wherein we learn that the UN report on renewable energy is a hoax with "data" gleaned from Green Peace and others:

The study’s conclusion was such a blockbuster that the panel issued a press release last month previewing the finding. “Close to 80 percent of the world’s energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century if backed by the right enabling public policies a new report shows,” it proclaimed.
Since this statement was supposedly based on actual scientific research,Steve McIntyre, editor of the Climate Audit blog, did what the IPCC must have assumed nobody would bother doing. He checked the sources cited in the report. He discovered the IPCC’s banner claim was not the work of prestigious and disinterested scientists toiling away in a laboratory, but of hacks with a political agenda and direct financial stake in the issue.

In the ever expanding news of the weird and useless, the Tennessean breathlessly trumpeted the following over the weekend:  "UN Backs Gay Rights For First Time Ever."  The article had the sub-head: "African and Muslim Nations Decry US Led Effort."  Soo, Obama and his band of braniacs tell us that they hate us for our culture but then we push for this??  The article cited Hillary Clinton, our very own Secretary of State:

 “This represents a historic moment to highlight the human rights abuses and violations that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face around the world based solely on who they are and whom they love.” 
Can you imagine Henry Kissinger, John Foster Dulles, James Baker, George Shultz or Al Haig saying this.  It's times like these that you realize what a useless bloated waste of damned good real estate the United Nations has become.  It exists for promoting bizarre initiatives like this one - where good little Turtle Bay bureaucrats can tell everyone in the world how to live their lives.  They want to tell Muslim nations that their morality is flawed for viewing homosexuality as an abomination as badly as they want to tell the United States that we shouldn't have hand guns.  The only other purpose it serves is to condem Israel.  There's another place to cut the budget.

That's it for now.  Ninety seven globally warmed degrees outside with about 90% humidity...wish Al Gore would shut up so things would cool off.

Rumble on!

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Richard Langworth said...

Although this wonderful exchange about Shaw's new play (allegedly "St. Joan") has been repeated widely, including by me (, the Churchill Archives Centre has since produced specific denials by both Churchill and Shaw that it ever took place. If it was said, it was said by others.