Monday, January 11, 2010

Twenty to Thirty Years of Cooling

I know many of you are still trying to keep the tootsies warm - it's 27 here right now, up nicely from the 14 this morning when I walked the dog.  Some real scientists are looking at the data and trends and are projecting that we may be entering a mini-ice age for the next twenty to thirty years.  Recognize this geographic shape?

Why that's jolly Ol' England as seen from a satellite last week.  The scientists are monitoring deep ocean cooling and warming patterns and finding far stronger correlations to climate change than the witch doctor brew of data that the UN and the wonderboys at East Anglia use.  Here's an interesting factoid from the article:

If you are worried about the polar bear (if you are, you are either a) gullible or b) stupid):

According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007 – and even the most committed global warming activists do not dispute this.

Now, can we puhleeze stop with the "CO2 is a poison gas and man is  all to blame" meme?  Settled?  Science, by definition is about pursuit of the truth.  If facts don't fit your theory, time to review the theory.  Let's stop this insanity!

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