Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

All was well in the Rumblehouse last night as Scott Brown put the hapless Martha Coakley away in a landslide.  Hurrah to the good folks of Massachusetts!  Watched a focus group of all Democrats who had voted for Obama as part of the coverage, and some interesting points emerged:

1. Even though they are lefties, there was still a sense of fairness - they did not like the process that the DC Dems have taken to try to accomplish their aims.

2. They were very worried about the spending.

3. They felt Obama was not up for the job and was being dragged around by the leftloons in the Congress.

Pretty much right on all counts.

Like the first American Revolution though, this is only the Battle of Concord.  A very long war is ahead to win back the hearts and minds of the American people - no, actually to win back the government - and prevent us from tilting into that dark night of Eurosocialism.  At least we have a beach head now...

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Jack said...

Well, if this was just Concord, perhaps November will be Saratoga?