Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Falling

The Financial Times gets it right this morning with an article titled: "White House Nightmare Persists." The gist of the article is this:

  1. No supermajority, no Obama agenda.  (NB: If this damned policy was supposed to be so great, what do you need a supermajority for??)
  2. Populist tack of attacking the banks is backfiring - the folks don't like their 401K's getting battered even further, and a free-falling stock market costs him further support on the Hill.
  3. His party is in panic post Scott Brown.  Blue Dogs are set to either a) vote for Pelosi and Reid measures and retire or b) defy the leadership and get re-elected.
  4. His financial team of Bernanke and Geithner are in TROUBLE.  Losing the tax cheat Timmy G would probably help him, but failure to re-appoint Ben could spell enormous trouble internationally as stock markets around the world would go into free fall.
  5. Both the liberal and the slightly less cooky liberal wings of his party are starting to grasp that this guy is toxic.  His appearance did great things for Coakley and Corzine, to say nothing of Chicago and Copenhaaaagen. 
And then theirs this:

Those of us who never drank the Koolaid, are merely seeing a shooting star flaming out.  I weep for the damage this man has already done to this great nation and pray what further damage his Incompetence will do will be minimal.

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