Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Real China

The real cost of statism is often only discovered after years of being covered up by apologists in the West.  Such was the case of the "miracle" of the Soviet economy, which we later learned was a total sham.  We also learned that the Soviets turned large swaths of the countries they occupied (especially Lithuania and Latvia) into industrial dumps.

So now we have the Red Dragon - the Chinese economy - a wonderful mix of communism and capitalism...a workers' paradise!  Take a hard look at the photo above, and then browse this website: China Hush, and think again.  (Note, that site is not for the faint of heart.)  If you want to know how China can garner market share so cheaply, understand that there is a very heavy price being paid by the Chinese people.  One wonders how long that can last.

Just as the Soviet nuclear subs that had to replace their crews after each deployment because of rampant radiation sickness due to poor shielding (or none if they thought they could make the boat go faster!), this ecological nightmare will catch up with the Chinese.

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