Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Call It By It's Real Name!

Great piece over at the Jerusalem Post this morning: "Name the Enemy."  A pox on all the houses of our leadership that refuse to call the enemy by it's real name and instead wander off into linguistic fun houses with sayings like "religion of peace," and "man caused disasters."  From the article:
The clear, present and continuing danger posed to Western civilization by the worldwide Islamist terror network cannot be overcome while the American, European and other freedom-loving peoples are neither mobilized nor steeled for the sacrifices ahead.

We want to keep (pardon the expression) "whistling past the graveyard" with phrases from our current great leader like "this was a random, senseless act,"  (more on that anon) or believe that we can (as our former great leader thought) convert these folks to democracy.  Democracy is antithetical to cannot have "equal representation" when right out of the gate the religion treats half their believers (women) as something only slightly above dogs.  As for the "random" and "senseless" many acts have to be committed by people screaming "Allah Achbar!" before we admit that perhaps there is a pattern and that it is not "random?"  As for senseless - yes, "senseless" to us in our civilized western mind-set, but to a pre-Mideival religion, killing oneself for the greater glory of God makes pretty good sense.

As someone that travels frequently, I am sick and tired of taking my shoes off...and now I face the prospect of being electronically stripped.  Not much to see here mind you, but I sure don't like the Rumblewife and Rumblebairns being subjected to same.  Nope, it's time for profiling, it's time for naming names, it's time to absorb the fact that we are in for a VERY long haul.  No amount of hopey-change is going to fix that.  Victory will come, if we are willing to commit to it, when they view their kids going wearing a cap and gown graduating from college as a superior alternative to wearing a bomb vest and offing themselves.  The article concludes:

EVEN IF Western leaders did mobilize their societies, the struggle against the Islamist menace would remain wearying. This is an enemy that is often embedded among civilians and enforces allegiance by beheading those it suspects of disloyalty. Citizens need to know this, to understand why innocent children are sometimes accidentally killed in military operations conducted by allied forces.
Obama needs to tell Americans and Europeans willing to listen that, though the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists, pretty much all terrorists are Muslim, hence the need for profiling.
An overstretched army, supported by a weary home front, against an ill-defined enemy, does not offer a viable strategy for success. Better to tell people that the enemy is radical Islam, which wants to spread its religion using the sword, and that defeat would mean an end to Western values of pluralism, minority rights and democracy.

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