Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Beagle in the Coffee Cup

Some years ago, our first (sadly now deceased) beagle, Scamp, acted like a Democrat.  Scamp was fond of dairy products, and warm milk was irresistible to our little scent hound.  My wife, who takes milk in her coffee, had left her coffee cup full of warm milk and coffee on a side table, just above her briefcase before she left for work.  Remembering something she needed, she left the living room where the mug was located and ventured back to the bedroom.  Scamp, who had been feigning a nap, struck.  She stood on her hind paws and inserted her snout into the mug, turning it over into the briefcase.  Milk, coffee, paper - a mess.  As my wife returned to the room, Scamp accelerated her efforts to lap up as much coffee milk as she could, inserting her nose deeper into the briefcase.  As my wife closed on the beast, Scamp continued to try to gather the liquid even as the "NO!'s" were being screamed and she was being pulled out of the briefcase.

Now, a normal dog, concerned about self preservation, would have at first sound of footfall, beaten a hasty retreat and then looked puzzled at the resulting catastrophe.  No, Scamp's love for milk overpowered her common sense.  And so we now have the spectacle of the Democrats, whose "milk" is this God-awful health care bill.  Whether Scott Brown goes on to win in Massachusetts or not, the message from the American people is clearly "NO!"  But instead of retreating, they are conjuring up all manner of ways to get this monstrosity passed.  The Pelosinator has already said that "we will pass health care regardless of what happens (in Massachusetts)..."  She may even force her House Dems to vote on the Senate bill to avoid a cloture vote in the other chamber.  Barney Frank has recommended changing the rules of the Senate so there can't be a filibuster, and Harry Reid has suggested bringing the bill through on appropriations.

Look, when you are scheming to this level, your nose is in the briefcase...oh, and you are about to get whacked.  The American people are trying to whack you and even if we fail, thank God we have the Constitution.  As an editorial in Investors Business Daily points out, this bill faces an enormous uphill battle of Constitutional law.  That will tie it up long enough to get these louts voted out once and for all.

The bottom line is this: these clowns in Congress and our rookie President grossly mis-read the results of the 2008 election.  It was not about bringing a socialist utopia to these United States.  It was about wanting a change in Washington; sadly though, the urge to get the country out of its perceived frying pan has landed it squarely in the fire.

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