Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the Government Said: "Be Healthy!"

Tax on fast food,  outlawing sweets, limiting trans-fats on it goes.  This is what is already happening in Europe according to Der Spiegel in an article titled "Outlawing Obesity: European Governments Seek to Mandate Healthier Diets."  Of course they do!  If you have to pay for everyone's health insurance, it sure helps if everyone is healthy.  And guess what will happen if the gnomes of Washington get their health care "reform" bill passed?  This is the shape of things to come...no pun intended.

And where does this movement come from?  From whence the hysteria over heft? It's our old friends at the Communi - err "Green Party:"

 In a Monday interview with the Rheinische Post, Green Party floor leader Renate Künast wants to ban advertising for sweets aimed at children.
"Aggressive advertising campaigns aimed at children 12 years and younger should be forbidden," Künast told the paper. "Food commercials, which are mostly ads for sweets, should not be broadcast during children shows. We need a ban."

Of course you need a ban!  And you need to tell us what color of underwear we are allowed to wear.  You statists are all the same, whether you are a "Green Party" member or a Democrat or a Communist - you want to dictate how we can or cannot live our lives.

I am all for healthy eating.  The Rumblediet is modeled on the Mediterranean diet with limited amounts of red meat...not because I have nightmares about cow flatulence, but because I don't think it is good for you.  But I make that decision...and if I want to slide over to Rotier's for an unbelievably good double cheeseburger, I will make that decision too.  I do not want the local Community Health Tsar standing in the door telling me I have had my quota for the year.  This monstrosity of a bill is all about the restriction of freedom and greater government control.  I stand firmly, unequivocally on the side of freedom.

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