Monday, January 11, 2010

First Year Foreign Policy Failure

Great summary piece over at the Wall Street Journal this morning titled "Taking the Measure of Obama's Foreign Policy."  Quick precis of the article: Obama foreign policy = failure.  Two of the money shots:

The lovely town of Copenhagen staged not one, but two humiliations: the first when the Olympic Committee delivered the bad news that the president's effort to play hometown booster had failed utterly, before he even landed back in the U.S.; the second when the Chinese once again poked the U.S. in the eye by sending minor officials to meet with Mr. Obama, as they, the Indians and Brazilians tried to shoulder him out of cozy meetings aimed at sabotaging his environmental policy.
Then this line:
Saying that the U.S. will "bear witness" to abuses and brutality around the world is, in effect, to say that we will send flowers to funerals.
Well worth the read, though painful to recount this amateur's performance in a half-page article.

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