Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tattoo You

You have to love the spirit of the entrepreneur...despite the best efforts of the Obamabot statist efforts, one brave soul stands out - a California company has announced plans to build a tattoo removal empire across the Fruited Plain! Here's a candidate:

Here's another...

Lord knows this post could go on for awhile. Here's the big question: do these folks have a RIGHT to your tax dollars to have this procedure taken care of under Obamacare? Before answering with what should be the obvious answer, ask yourself - why not? The thought experiment continues with positions like:

- their self esteem will be improved and therefore their productivity...

- what if they are over 70 - should they still be entitled to have their sagging tattoos removed?

Someone in the tattoo business needs to get busy on the lobbying front to make sure this is covered! After all, it is a pre-existing condition! Here's one Doctor's opinion:

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