Friday, August 21, 2009

Caskets for Clunkers

Hat tip RL.


Anonymous said...

Are you one of the really, astoundingly stupid people that actually thinks the 'death panels' are anything more than the syphilitic rantings of Bible Spice?

Let's all try and live here in 'reality' while we have the heathcare discussion; it is damned hard to take anything the right says or does seriously when there is literally made-up nonsense masquerading as data.

Be part of the solution, guy. This crap does nothing to elevate the discourse or make headway on real, issue-based discussions.

Rumbler said...

"Elevate the discourse?" and you begin with sophomoric insults. It really is hard to take you cry babies seriously. Is that panic I hear that you might not get to socialist nirvana?

I have set forth several times in this blog a proposed methodology towards healthcare reform, but that's not what is wanted. The LibDem approach is "Shoot! Ready! Aim!" - sorry to use a gun analogy, I know how much that must hurt your feelings.

But worry not, Sarah Palin (1), Obama (0) on the "death panel" argument - those things that don't exist - they're taking them out of the bill.