Friday, August 28, 2009

Mike Rogers on Obamacare

Mike Rogers from Michigan spelling out the lies in the House Healthcare bill:


Anonymous said...

read this.

Why is it that the crazy-right is so interested in making things up? Is it the simple hope that old playbook of "be afraid! be VERY afraid! Why? Because we said so!" is all you have to fall back on?

If you have reasoned objection to universal healthcare, fine... but at least embrace the truth behind the initiative and stop just perpetuating the nonsensical ravings of Bible Spice and her army of lemmings.

Come on. This is too important to the future of the country to let misinformation (deliberate or otherwise) cloud the discourse.

Rumbler said...

No, actually it is the statists on the left that are using fear: the frikkin sky is going to fall if we don't pass healthcare according to the O.

Read the bill - these things are in there. It is not the "crazy right," it is the insane, bent on taking over people's lives left that comes up with this stuff.