Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slicing and Dicing

Kyle-Anne Shiver has a killer piece over at American Thinker today. Titled "The Alinskeyite's Big Fat Governance Failure," it does the Ginsu knife treatment to the foundation of the Obama administration:

The sad and sorry fact is that anyone with even half a brain and a single ounce of common sense would have -- and should have -- seen this big, fat governance failure the day before, without having to wait until the sickening morning after.

I shall forever remember 2008 as the year when the ninnification of America reached its peak.

It's as though 59 million Americans joined hands and shouted at the top of their little lungs, "Yes, We Can March off This Cliff."

It's every mother's adolescent-groupthink nightmare.

The ninnification of America...amen! Good news is America seems to be roaring back - as the town hall meetings show, 53% might have been somnambulant in 2008, but they are catching on to this "cult-of-personality demagogue," and his pals:

Candidate Obama gave us some "high-flying words," all right.

But President Obama has given us nothing more substantive than power, expedience, greed and intolerance.

A very bad bargain indeed


Anonymous said...

.... I suppose this is a bad place to point out that 77% of americans support a public option, and only the lunatic fringe (who managed to claw a few free moments from forging birth certificates, making stuff up with Palin, and killing doctors) seems unaware that there was this big 'election', wherein we decided that what we had been doing recently was a terrible idea. Remember that? It was around last November... and you and your ilk have gotten crazier and crazier since then, but the normal people are not buying the crazy.

There is no factual basis for assuming the current administration is 'leading us off a cliff' - in fact, those of us who are paying attention to the big picture are delighted that finally, someone is pulling us back from the cliff WITHOUT waiting till we fell off the edge.

When has the GOP EVER been proactive? It has always been a strategy of 'wait, wait some more, something about prayer in schools, CRISIS!, FAIL'

(I think I know the answer to that... but you are free to come up with examples of the GOP in the postwar era ctually doing something for the good of the PEOPLE. I'll even come back in awhile and read it.)

Rumbler said...

Actually, according to Gallup, the number is more like 52% to 46% - same poll has 50-45% OPPOSED to what is being proposed. Rasmussen has it 54% OPPOSED.

Yes, I do remember that election...the one when 71% of the "Independents" thought Obama would actually "protect and defend" the Constitution. Those same people who now oppose him 80%. Yes, back when Obama's positives to negatives (strongly oppose versus strongly support) had him around +40, where the same poll has him bouncing between -6 and -12 now - about the steepest and fastest drop in history.

The American people have caught on to your logo, I mean "President," and have arrived at where I was before this election - he's a thug community organizer who can't lead. One day, maybe you will catch on too. We are not going to be the next USSR, sorry!