Monday, August 24, 2009

Minus Twelve

Barry has had a couple of shots in the negative single digits over the past few weeks, but now the gap is widening again. Why is this good? Well, if the Congressional Democrats start to realize that their standard bearer is becoming a drag on their re-election chances, who do you think they will watch out for? AND, if your standard bearer is incapable of managing or leading and is only capable of community organizing and sounding good on a 'prompter, chances are, you are not going to be willing to jump off the agenda cliff with him. The higher this number goes negative, the greater chance we, as a country have, of avoiding the gaping downward spiraling maw of socialism.

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Anonymous said...

So, are we thinking that this relates to anything but increased obfuscation about the relative merits of universal heathcare?

If the people out there who are unable to find data besides the dreck on FauxNews end up believing that the government is coming to forvce you to eat grandma, of course they will disapprove. But, since those of us who aren't retarded are aware that none of the nonsense from the right is valid, we will continue to support Obama.

What I wouldn't give for a well-informed electorate instead of the sheeple who just absorb what they hear, no matter what. "Obama will kill your grandmother!" ... yeah freaking right.

I also would like to point out that as long as we are discussing irrelevant polls, 77% of Americans SUPPORT the public option... where does that leave you?