Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CIA Morale

Here's a job for you:

1. Move overseas and pretend to be someone you are not. In particular, it would be great if you would move to such scenic countries as Pakistan, Russia or perhaps China.

2. Live there for 3-5 years establishing yourself as a "trade representative" of a major corporation from the United States, or perhaps, a visa officer at the local U.S. Consulate.

3. Befriend local officials and business leaders. Educate them on why you think that the United States' position towards their country is OK, but could be a lot better if only their country would work with us more.

4. After months of hard work, ask one of your new "friends" for some information about their company (could be an industrial manufacturer, could be a shipbuilder, could be a company involved in securing raw materials for their nation, etc.). Your request initially will be small, but over time, it will grow. You will want details and your "friend," will have begun to trust you...after all, nothing bad is happening.

5. Reveal to your friend that you work for the Central Intelligence Agency and that if they will help you get the mother lode of targeted information, you will whisk them out of their country and get them a new life in the land of milk and honey, aka, the United States.

6. Carry out your mission and return to the United States for a down cycle stateside. Bring your "friend" out at the same time and help him get a new life.

7. Bask in the knowledge that you have foiled a potential enemy's plans to do harm to your native land.

8. Get subpoenaed to appear before a Congressional sub-committee on intelligence that is looking into allegations that you might have been "harsh" with a contact or two while you were overseas trying to accomplish your mission.

9. Thousands of dollars in legal fees later, return to your job at the CIA at Langley.

10. Get subpoenaed by Eric Holder at the Justice Department who is looking intoallegations that you might have been "harsh" with a contact or two while you were overseas trying to accomplish your mission.

11. Watch as your "friend" is exposed and deported back to his native land. A youtube video two months later confirms he was sentenced to hard labor and died in a prison camp. Have THAT on your conscience.

12. Thousands of dollars in legal fees later, get sentenced to 10 years at Leavenworth for breaking a "protocol" that has been retroactively instated.

13. Watch loons from the Democrat party run to the press and crow about how "justice has finally been done!!"

14. As you are cuffed and being placed in the van to take you to the airport for your ride to Kansas, see President Obama on the TV screen saying it was out of his hands.

15. Know, sadly, that across the globe, thousands of agents, just like you are no longer pursuing their missions - they got the message from this Administration. America is exposed.

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