Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Follow the Money

This is what they showed to open the Copenhagen Conference:

Using children to plead their case is an old Leftie trick - remember this gem from Johnson versus Goldwater:

Yes, indoctrinate the children so that they will lean on the 'rents...Stalin was good at it, so was Hitler. Come to think of it, so are the people behind Obama:

Who can forget that vacant eyed child singing "Obama's gonna lead 'em?"

So, while the Copenhagen Conferees spew their carbon at a rate heretofore unseen for any climate conference, the world keeps chugging along, racking up the fewest natural disasters in a decade - despite what Al Gore predicted would happen.

Follow the money folks - this conference is nothing more than a giant shakedown of the industrialized west for handouts to the Third World. It is not about science - Climategate has broken that myth wide open...it's about money and a bald attempt to redistribute it.

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