Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Circular Firing Squad

The left wing blogs are full of venom this morning with headlines like "No Public Option or Extension of Medicare? That's a NO Vote!" This internecine warfare is exposing a couple of truths that we have been preaching over here at the Rumbler Report:

1. This bill has nothing to do with "reforming" healthcare. It has EVERYTHING to do with installing (at a minimum the framework for) a single payer system. One in which the government bureaucrats and their thug buddies over at SEIU would tell you what you could or could not receive for medical treatment. This of course would lead to liberal nirvana - telling you how to live your life:
"I see you drink a couple of whiskeys each week Mr. Rumbler," says the SEIU screener at the neighborhood clinic, "well we're going to have to cut back on your ration of ibuprofen."
"But I was hit by a car and have a sore back..."
"Case closed, Mr. Rumbler, NEXT!"

2. This bill is ALL ABOUT Obama. He has to show that he has done...something! (Well, other than win the Nobel Peace Prize by dragging American through the gutter in all his travels). Thus the spectacle of dragging all 60 Democrat Senators up to the White House today.

Reasoned legislation cannot come from a process such as this. But stay alert, dear friends, the fight is far from over. They can do whatever it takes to get a bill out of the Senate and then put everything they want back in during the conference committee between the Senate and the House. This monster is far from dead.

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