Monday, December 14, 2009

Hanson: America A Deer in the Headlights?

Victor Davis Hanson has a terrific column titled "Is America a Deer in the Headlights?" in which he summarizes the general unease felt across the land. As a good friend of mine sighed in frustration the other day on our weekly call about matters at hand: "I feel like I'm taking f*%$ing crazy pills!"

Hanson accurately tags all the concerns being expressed by Americans that are driving this number to the highest spread to date (Hat tip Rasmussen Reports):

There's no place to turn to feel good. The only thing I would disagree with the good Professor on is the "deer in the headlights" analogy. I think Americans are mad...really mad. We all know interest rates are going to go up, we all know that they are making the numbers up about employment ("jobs created or saved"), we all know that this healthcare debacle is a pig in a poke, and we all know that social security, Medicaid, Medicare and damned near every other Federal program are going broke! We also know that Iran will get nuclear weapons (unless Israel acts), that coddling dictators has done nothing and that our stature has gone down under Obama's apologize and grovel tours. Listening to Robert Gibbs and the other voice boxes crooning about the successes of this White House (cough cough) and Barry O gives himself a "B+" for this first year in office!! What?? For having done...what? This is the visual image I get of these clowns every time they speak about the wonder of O and his many accomplishments:

Take that image two ways - the shark is the American populace getting ready to vent at the polls in 2010...or the shark is reality. Either way, it's bad for the fisherman. Not deer, Dr. Hanson, more like stampeding buffalo...frustrated that next November can't get here fast enough!

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