Friday, December 18, 2009

Iranians Seize Iraqi Oil Well

Oh brother! Back to the killing fields of the 1980's when the Iranians and the Iraqis slogged it out over this disputed area. Word is they have seized an oil well in a region that both believe is theirs. But the timing of this could not be worse. This is a standard provocation move by thugs testing the mettle of their opponents...guess who the Iranians are sizing up (well, actually they already know...)? If you said the Iraqis, you guessed wrong.

No, this is well timed to coincide with Obama's arrival in freezing Copenhagen. They know he won't do anything, so why not? Hopefully this thing will get worked out diplomatically, but it is one more provocative move by the Iranians in recent weeks - seizing British sailors, firing rockets that can reach Israel, and of course the on-going ignoring of the UN's, EU's and US's pleas to not make nuclear weapons. I would expect continued thuggery and bolder moves. Stand by for heavy rolls!

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