Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Obama! Americans Aren't As Stupid As You Think!

Chilling number over at Rasmussen Reports yesterday: 67% of Americans think that unemployment will be the same or worse than it is today one year from now. How in this wonderful land full of unicorns and hope and change is this possible?

Despite President Obama’s highly-publicized jobs summit late last week and a slight drop in the national unemployment rate to 10%, Americans remain pessimistic about the jobs situation.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 67% of adults think the unemployment rate will be the same or higher a year from today. That includes 29% who believe the unemployment rate will be higher than it is now and 38% who expect it to stay about the same.

First, the unemployment number from last week is in the process of being re-jiggered...I'm beginning to think the "scientists" from East Anglia are running the Labor Department statistics group...turns out they, oops, missed a few numbers. From the NY Post:

The Labor Department is hurrying to correct inaccuracies in its monthly employment statistics that could cause the Obama administration big problems early next year.

Those corrections, however, will probably also eliminate the inevitable -- and unsubstantiated -- employment gains that come during springtime.

We now know that the job gains reported by Washington this past spring were an illusion.

Early in 2010 the Labor Department will subtract about 824,000 jobs from its official count in what is called a "benchmark revision" to more accurately reflect the jobs that weren't created this past spring.

In their guts Americans know it is most likely going to get worse. They know and understand the impact that healthcare "reform," and "cap and trade" will have on the economy. Many are vexed as to why Democrats would take a wrecking ball to the economy, but even if they fail in their schemes, the uncertainty is killing main street.

The non-Koolaid, tingly legged sentient everyday American knows this administration is a train wreck. Even the ones that voted for him are flabbergasted. There's a spirit in the land right now that I sense, and it is this: "let's get to the 2010 election and we can at least roll back the nonsense that has made it through and stymie any further advances of socialism...then in 2012...we can make the 'change' that is needed."

The Republicans have yet to tap into this sentiment, but when the right conservative comes along, they will be met with open arms and this experiment in temporary insanity will come to an end.

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