Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wrong Place for a Mosque

Gateway Pundit is reporting a bit of creepy news:

An identified group with unknown sponsors has purchased building steps away from where the WorldTrade Center once stood — to turn it into potentially one of the largest New York City mosques.

At the moment the building, the old Burlington Coat Factory, already serves as a mini-mosque: an iron grill lifts every Friday afternoon for a little known Imam leading prayers a few yards away from where Osama Bin Laden’s airborne Islamist bombers killed nearly 3000 people back in 2001.

The Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, told the New York Times — which put the story on its front page Wednesday — that he has assembled several million dollars to turn it into ‘’an Islamic center near the city’s most hallowed piece of land that would stand as one of ground zero’s more unexpected and striking neighbors.’’
The 61-year-old Imam said he paid $4.85 million for it — in cash, records show. With 50,000 square feet of air rights and enough financing, he plans an ambitious project of $150 million, he said, akin to the Chautauqua Institution, the 92 Street Y or the Jewish Community Center.

The origins of such monies are unexplained; neither are the countries or entity advancing such huge donations. Most US mosques, including many in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are funded directly or indirectly by Saudi Arabia the country to which 15 of the 19 hijackers who bombed the World TradeCenter belonged. The UAE, Qatar and Iran are other major sponsors across the USA.

I am all in favor of tolerance and religious freedom, but there needs to be an exception made here. If they end up building some giant mosque, like the mega-mosque at Abbey Mills in London (cutaway elevation here)
next to the site where over 2,000 Americans perished because of this "religion of peace," that would be grossly inappropriate. Property rights are what they are, and the Imam paid cash for the site, but hopefully the NYC Planning Commission will take a very hard look at any proposed development there.


Anonymous said...

But whatcha fail to realize is that you wanna pour concrete in the City, you gotta talk to Vito. You wanna get your trash picked up, you gotta talk to Carmine. You want labor peace on the jobsite, you gotta cut Vinnie in on the action. Don't worry. The families will make sure nothin bad happens, unless you don't come up with the protection money on time, in which case you'll have a hard time walking on your broken kneecaps. Trouble? Just fuggedaboutit.

Rumbler said...

Excellent point! And good Romans are right, fuggedabaoutit!