Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Problem for Counterterrorism

This is a problem that is only going to get worse. Britain is dealing with homegrown Jihad in a major way, and the problem is obviously now on our shores. We have the five Americans from the DC area in Pakistan, the Ft. Hood Massacre, this David Headley case...clearly there's a pattern.

Sadly, we have an administration in power that wants to sweep it all under the rug under the guise of political correctness. I have several Rumblepals that are saying it's going to take another dramatic and horrifying event a la 9/11 before we finally say enough. Tragically, if and when it happens, everyone will be saying "we knew it all along."

I say enough now. Shut down every mosque in this country where there is even a hint of radicalism - the FBI knows where they are. Then, lean on the Saudis to stop exporting Wahadism. Finally, lean on the Pakistanis to shut down their madrassas (many of which are financed with Saudi money.) These will only be the first steps towards ending the madness. In the interim, stop with the "religion of peace" and "world's great religions" nonsense and tell the Muslims of the world that a) you are not going to take over the world, freedom will not go into that dark night and b) reform yourselves from the inside.

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