Monday, June 28, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

We're off to a good start for the week - Obama and his commu-keynesian agenda got whooped at the G-8+20 conference in rioting Toronto; the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment (although the fact that four of the nine justices voted against the Constitution is pretty disturbing); and 52% of respondents were in favor of repealing the healthcare bill.  To keep you "in the know," here's this week's Required Rumbler Reading:

1. Petraeus and Obama's Uncertain Trumpet: Fouad Ajami has such a clear insight into our affairs in the Middle East.  This is no exception, read this one like you would drink fine wine - think about each paragraph carefully.

2. Amputate or Die.  Excellent column by Dr. Jack Wheeler on the dire state of politics in America right now.  We had better send some serious conservatives up to Washington this November - ones with courage  and conviction.  (Can you figure out who the Dutch super-model is?)

3. The Changing Demographics of America: a great column by Joel Kotkin, author of "The Next 100 Million, America in 2050."  His prognostications have enormous impact on business and real estate decisions - well worth the read.  (The book is worth owning too - it's excellent!)

4. Israeli Policy in The Age of Islamism: Excellent piece by Larry Hall over at Pajamas Media that explores the history of the relationship between Israel and her neighbors and how grim that matrix looks now...thanks, in large part, to the fecklessness of Oh bama!

5. Financial Deform:  I don't know about you, but a grinning Barney Frank and dewy-eyed-Dodd standing next to each other is a very distressing image.  Here, the Investor's Business Daily breaks it down for ya.  (a little Sarah Palin lingo for ya, don't ya know...)

No! No! I don't want to see them kiss...

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