Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In a Sane World, Kagan Would Be DONE

Liberty weeps at this answer...

Connect the dots people!  Of course they want to tell you what you can eat!  They want to tell you what color underwear you should have on - institutional grey preferred.  I used to say these people were "do-gooders," and were a nuisance, but now they are running things.  They have passed this inane bill for healthcare "reform," which is a massive grab of power, and they know that the only way they will be able to save money on it is if they can dictate your lifestyle and then allocate benefits accordingly.  This is downright Orwellian and needs to be stopped.  Question - where are all the crazies that wanted "privacy" for "reproductive rights?"  Remember the "keep government out of our bedroom" crowd?  Well if they can get into your study and your check book via healthcare and financial "reform," then they can sure as hell get into your dining room - and I guess, your bathroom to see if your stool conforms to government approved standards. These people are dangerous to our liberty and need to go!

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