Monday, June 14, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

This week's selection takes us from dirty bombs to virtual reality, from Dogpatch to Daytona...enjoy!

1.  From the "pox on both your houses" vault, comes Peggy Noonan's Saturday column titled "We Are Totally Unprepared."  I would just add that not only are we totally unprepared, but if Team Obama's crisis management skills are on display in the BP oil spill disaster, this is going to be VERY ugly if, God forbid, we are attacked.

2. Now, if the bad guys will wait a couple more years, we have some very cool technology under development.  "Military-Grade Augmented Reality Could Redefine Modern Warfare," gives you a peak into this leading edge development.

3. Having grown up with Lil' Abner and Daisie Mae in Dogpatch, this article about the exile of Al Capp is saddening, but illustrative of what happens if you dare to pan the left: "Exile in Dogpatch."

4. The call for more centralized regulation arises more loudly from the throats of our liberwocky...everything from more regs on all financial institutions to imprisoning any form of free enterprise.  Gerald O'Driscoll over at the Cato Institute sets out the careful, reasoned argument that you had better be careful of what you wish for: "The Gulf Spill, The Financial Crisis and Government Failure."

5. Speaking of regulation - would you folks down there in the Gator State wake up!  Amendment 4 is a ticket to the backwaters.  It sounds good now, but remember the law of unintended consequence...when you start losing corporate relocations and jobs, you will regret this nonsense.

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