Monday, June 21, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

This week's selection takes us from your inner patriot to the Austrian School...enjoy!

1. America's Road to Serfdom: Terry Paulson pens a short piece laying out the path we are on.  Hayek's gem, "The Road to Serfdom," should be required reading at the high school level.  Regardless of what you think of Glenn Beck, his bringing the good Professor's magnum opus back to light is a very good thing.

2. What's A Patriot To Do? - this is one to read to your bairns and pass along on e-mail chains. It's time to get in the fight..."dammit Maverick, engage!"  (Ice Man in Top Gun)

3.  Kagan Flunks Her Own Test - all the focus on the BP oil spill should not divert us from the fact that a completely inexperienced ideologue of a President is trying to install a completely inexperienced ideologue on the Supreme Court.

4. News Flash: Government CANNOT Fix the Economy - another insightful piece by Thomas Sowell that debunks the myth that the government saved the economy...imagine that, in the middle of our "Summer of Recovery."

5. Enough with the Brit bashing, Obama - Joel Kotkin reminds us of the special relationship we have with Britain - something totally lost on The One.  If Europe goes in the tank, we are going to need England, and Kotkin's analysis shows that a number of people have already figured that out.  I know that in the Alinsky methodology, you need a punching bag and the evil Bush is now out of range of Obama's jab so BP is in the ring, but how about governing instead of blaming, O?

Remember when we had real leaders?

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