Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

Spent some time off the grid last week, so we are just now getting back in the swing of things.  Forthwith, this week's installment of "Required Rumbler Reading:"

1. Remembering D-Day 66 Years Later: a collection of photographs that put a very human face on the incredible invasion of June 6, 1944.  Take a look at one of the photos here - that's Point du Hoc up in smoke down below.

2. The Chasm Between Apollo and The Gulf - an insightful essay Dr. H. Harrison Schmitt, Apollo 17 astronaut that slices and dices the Obamista comparison of their efforts in the BP oil disaster and the Apollo space program.  Keep some ice water nearby to sip on and keep your temperature down...

3. Are You (Economically) Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?: This starts to explain a lot!  Essentially, liberals are pathetically stupid when it comes to matters economic.  This is why they can nod their heads up and down and mutter "yes we can" when Dear Leader tells them he will tax the rich to death!

4. The Smallest President - a short piece by Geoffrey Hunt that is a good summary of the first 18 months of this nightmare.

5. "Housing in America, The Next Ten Years." - Urban Land Institute's Scholar in Residence, John McIlwain's incisive summary of where our housing market is and where it's going.  Well worth the read.

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