Monday, October 5, 2009

U.S. Wins Nobel in Medicine

Great news came over the WSJ News Alert this morning: Three U.S. Medical researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Our medical research system is the envy of the world (as is our medical delivery system!), but if it gets bogged down in bureaucratic nonsense as the result of socializing our system, this will be the last Nobel our Doctors will receive.

A quick review of the Nobel Prize awards by nation over at Wikipedia reveals an overwhelming number of awards to the United States. Often, the recipient is not an American citizen - I make no assertions of some kind of superiority there, there isn't. But a system devoted to research and improving the state of man is something uniquely American and kind, smart people from around the world are drawn to it.

Scan up and down the list and see how many Nobel's socialist countries receive. Not so much.

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