Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel? For What?

Drudge's headline this morning about sums it up: for what? But let me first say: "Congratulations, Mr. President - that's $1.4 million added to your coffers that I'm sure you will spend wisely."

OK, let me get my tongue out of my cheek now. Unlike some of my contemporaries on the right, I am not angered by this. I find it funny and refreshing on several layers. First, if you had any doubt that the Nobel committee was a bunch of far left, America and Israel hating morons, that reaches inane decisions, look no further than this most recent decision. This isn't a bad decision on their part, it's comical, but tremendously revealing. Personally, I thought the committee went off the rails when they awarded it to Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho in 1973. Anyone with a brain knew that Tho was lying through his teeth and that the North Vietnamese were preparing to invade. Then they awarded it to Al Gore for perpetrating the hoax of global warming...why not give it to someone who has done absolutely nothing.

Second, my guess is this was a sympathy vote after Obama and his team got skunked in Stockholm last week. Frankly, this ranks right up there with giving the 0-10 kids soccer team trophies at the end of the season because they "tried hard."

Third, this is one Obama can legitimately blame Bush for. This is an anti-Bush award - the Nobel committee is signaling to the world the way they want the United States to behave. We don't want a strong United States that stands up for its values...we want a nice beta wolf United States - one that comes in with its tail flat and rolls over showing you its throat and asks to have its belly rubbed.

Finally, the committee has shown the road map for getting a Nobel Peace Prize: publicly denounce the United States, publicly denounce Israel, talk lamely about ridding the world of nuclear weapons and shazam - you da' man!

Rumbler guess? This will prove to be one of the most shameful decisions ever made by the Nobel Committee, one that they will regret. Even Obama supporters know this is wrong, I think it will backfire on him and only add to the growing chorus of comedians that are finally starting to openly mock this empty suit. "Here's your trophy Barack, you played really hard and I know you wanted to score a goal but didnt'...let's prop up your self esteem!"

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