Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chinese Textbooks vs. Obama Kids

The Economist is reporting that Chinese teachers are beginning to challenge some of the myths of Chinese history in an effort to improve the understanding of Chinese history. In a short piece titled: "The Fragility of Truth," we learn, for example that:

In Chinese schools, however, the dividing line between historical fiction and history can easily be confused. Children are often not taught to make a distinction. As a result, students lose the ability to look for and identify mistakes, says Leng Yubin, one of the teachers campaigning for a textbook purge. The press has quoted comparisons of these errors to the adulteration of milk with toxic melamine, which poisoned tens of thousands of infants last year.

Funny - they are trying to correct the errors in their educational system while we are doing this and wringing our hands about the poor quality of our educational system:

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