Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicagoans for Rio

Excellent web-site: Chicagoans for Rio! This rush to Copenhagen by Obama is more than passing strange. An adult would tell the city of Chicago, in the wake of the latest set of brutal beatings and murders to clean it's act up before applying for the Olympics. But there are a couple of larger issues here:

1. With the exception of L.A. - has hosting the Olympics ever been good in the long run for the host city? Maybe for Berlin in 1936 or Beijing in 2008...funny parallel - Chicago, 2016...for image sake. Even NPR acknowledges the damned things are clunkers.

2. Why the big push by Obama? Who is getting paid off? There's a lot of smoke surrounding top Obama aid, Valerie Jarrett and her connections to the land where the Olympic village would be built. She has divested her real estate holdings, but we all know how cozy Chicago politics and finances are - can you say "Tony Rezco?"

3. Really now - breathe deep - who honestly thinks that a town with Union labor can get something like this built in seven years? One glance at the WTC site in New York should give you pause.

Well, we will see how it works out...but there sure is a lot of odor surrounding this.

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