Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama's impact on race relations

A year ago, as McCain's Presidential campaign withered in its own incompetence, a good number of good hearted, well meaning moderates of the caucasian persuasion, convinced themselves - no doubt with the help of a fawning press - that voting for Obama, a black man, would lead to some great catharsis on the matter of race relations in this country. You can see that in the numbers above. We had this enormous split in the tracking poll to the question: "Do you think relations between blacks and whites will always be a problem?" There was a sharp drop down from the mid-40% range to 30% who felt the problem was incurable, while a massive 67% said we were on our way to being healed.

Once year in and the numbers have reversed course and returned to 1964 levels. Like everything else, in this matter, Obama and his administration is a colossal failure. You don't have to be white or black to know this is wrong:

But Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder sees no problem and it is this type of "turn a blind eye" behavior that IS the problem. Martin Luther King exhorted us to judge on the basis of our character and not the color of our skin...this nation has taken tremendous strides, but it never seems to be enough. Race baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have free reign, while any dissent against Obama's policies are immediately labeled "RACIST!"

Those same "independent" and "moderate" folks that voted for a cathartic Obama? That "hopey change" thing isn't working out so well. The bottle rocket is returning to earth.

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