Friday, July 29, 2011

A Rich Guy Speaks Out

This is one of the finest interviews in a long time.  Sit back and listen to a very wise man:

Ken Langone, the other co-founder of Home Depot speaking truth to the madness of Washington DC.

Some highlights:

What do rich people do?

  • They provide jobs - his company employs over 320,000 people nationwide.
  • They give to charity - he has given away far more than he has ever spent on himself.
  • They pay plenty in taxes already - but Langone offers that he is willing to pay more in taxes if there were a commitment that every penny of the overage went to paying down the debt.
What does he think of the debt ceiling crisis?
  • It's going to get solved - the deal is already done.
What does he think of Obama?
  • He probably went to college on a scholarship that some rich person helped fund.
  • He's "petulant" and he wants to divide us.
  • He had no respect for the office of the Presidency
It's a little long, but do listen.

1 comment:

Jack Leahigh said...

the trigger finger is getting very, very itchy, listening to those on the left and their minions elsewhere. If I'm being lumped in with terrorists, can I at least have their ROE?

As I've mentioned before, my oath is, above all, to support and defend the Constitution, against all enemies - to include those of domestic origin. While the Islamic terrorists Nidal Hassan and al-Awlaki, and the kid who wanted to be some sort of a hero, but failed at everything, Naser Abdo, are all clearly domestic much more til Reid, Pelosi, and Obama fall into that category? They will do anything and everything to get their way and stay in power. I'm afraid executive orders will be used on a level never seen before. And this man, this devil, this imposter who swindled his way into the presidency, I fear he would have no qualms about imposing martial law. And then what? Do those of us in uniform obey? Or do enough men and women with enough rank refuse to take up arms against their fellow citizens?

I know that's a bleak outlook, but my God...the way these people behave...I think things that were unthinkable 2 years ago can no longer be considered such